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Hi all. Welcome to Oasis Mastiffs message board. First, let me tell you how the board is arranged. I have several forum which address specific issues such as health, temperament, breedings, and so forth. You may do a search under control panel to search for any issues you are interested in. The general board for posting pictures, telling us about your furkid, family and other stuff will still be under the Message Board Forum. This board will be a public board set up to share information, pictures and stories both about our pets and our families. I hope to invite many knowledgeable people from the dog world to answer questions, so please feel to post any questions you may have.
 I will insist on no public squabbles on this board. No profanity either (within reason).  I do reserve the right to edit names/place out of your post. I also reserve the right to delete any posts that are not in keeping with the fun/insightful nature of this board. I have also made the profile viewing private, so I will insist that all new members fill out their profile though I will not share it with anyone. Having said that, I would encourage you to share your stories about bad breeders, bad buyers without names. I do believe this helps people learn to spot red flags!! Mainly, I just hope you are here to have fun talking about our dogs!! Thank you all and enjoy!

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