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As most of you know, Marley was the other half of my heart and soul; probably the better half. She was diagnosed in March with Osteosarcoma. I though surely I'd have more time with her because it had not metastasized at all upon diagnosis. But, Marley decided to not put me through the agony of seeing her suffer nor the agony of deciding when it was the right time for euthanization.

Four days after diagnosis, I noticed her breathing was labored. I laid in the floor beside her. She ended up dying in my arms very peacefully. I assume she must have developed a blood clot to her lungs from inactivity. Though it was easily one of the saddest nights of my life, I was thankful to her for going on her own terms.

It was interesting to see my old gal, Jasmine's, reaction. She went and smell of Marley. She licked her ear two or three times and then laid down by her. She wouldn't move until the "Pets at Peace" people came to pick up Marley Moos remains. It was so touching to see that she knew...

Marley's back home now and her ashes are right beside my bed. I will never stop missing her. The bond between her was something rare and special....

I will always love you Moo Moo... marley and me snoozin.JPG 

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I'm so sorry for your loss, I agree the bond between a pet and a owner is amazing .. I lost a Doberman many many years ago and it killed me.. I still have a box with all his stuff, I think once in a while you get that pet that just has that extra special somethings ..
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