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Some of you might remember me posting when I got my puppy a couple months back.. It's been 1 thing after another with him.. My poor baby :-(.
Has any one ever had this happen to there puppy or dog.. My puppy is just 4 months old and has been on Ivermectin for about 2 months for mange.. We just got him First Shield Trio from the vets and 2 days later he had lost all use of his back legs ..we took him right to the vets and they said stop the ivermectin and they also notice a front toe was swollen.. They said if it did not get better in 2 days come back for X rays ..
The next day his front foot was swollen, he was not eating and still not walking right .. We had X-rays done and they said they could not see any breaks only inflammation.. He also had blood work which would take 24-48 hrs to get results..
Well the next day the other front foot got swollen but thank goodness he got the use of his back legs back..
Could this have been from using the flees Meds with the ivermectin ?
We got his blood work today and the vet said that they have no clue why this has happened, they said he might have a Crohnic infection .. But just left it at that, and said they don't want to put him on antibiotics until they are sure
We have also notice that both his front feet shake really bad, it doesn't matter if his laying down, sleeping or sitting it looks like tremors

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So sorry to hear about Sumo suffering. Mastiffs are big, but sometimes the med amount does not go with their weight. Our baby girl is highly sensitive and must have the very lowest end of all medications. After 8 years, we know her very well now.
Savanna does not ingest any type of "flea pill" only topical, like Advantage. A super great flea control shampoo is "Vet's Best anti-flea spray shampoo"
Is it possible to stop everything and see what happens?


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I think he is also very sensitive. A friend of ours has a mom
Who works for a vet and said it also sounds a lot like HOD disease, I did do some reading on this and he does have a lot of the symptoms. Also his front feet are looking strange also like his toes/nails are turning up when he walks

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So sorry to hear about all the issues you pup is having. A lot of people a roving away from using commercial products fo flea & tick preventative. I honestly use garlic minced in their kibble 2 or 3 times a week & it's only 1 clove per dog. Some say garlic is toxic, but it would tag bags & bags of it to be toxic. It's just one of the many homeopathic things I do for my dogs

As for the HOD, hopefully Teresa will pop in. I believe one of her puppies had it, and there is a regiment for assisting growing puppies.

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What are you feeding your baby? Diet can definitely influence HOD! The puppy should have no more than 25% protein and calcium/phosphorus ration of 1:1. IF the baby is suffering from Pano, put the puppy on a cheap dog food to slow down growth (like Pedigree).

I would definitely stop the ivermectin for now. Unfortunately, mange is often an autoimmune problem (the immune system fails thus allowing the mites to infect the puppy). I don't think it would hurt to have him/her dipped for mange, but if the baby is already having such bad problems, I think I would be very careful with any oral medications.

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Sorry for not getting back sooner.. He is doing much better but the vet has noticed he is still a little lame on his front left leg so we are watching that..We did have him on a all meat and veggie diet that we would prepare for him.. He would also eat kibble from the self feeder that the adult dogs have.. They have the kibble from Costco , natures Domain. We had him on the meat and veggie diet to help with weight gain as when we got him the vets were worried about him being under weight..
Since all this the vets have told us to switch him to science diet large breed puppy as well as the wet food and only that ..
We have stopped the Ivermectin but in the last couple days I am seeing it return.. It seems like 3 steps forward 1 step back :-(
Right now at 5 months he is 67 lbs so I'm not sure if that's good, bad or right where he should be
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