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So its been over two and a half years since my last litter and I'm totally rusty!! I had this reference notebook that I kept all my notes and experiences in from my last three litters. It had step by step instructions, what to expect, how to save fading pups, feeding schedules, temperature control, weaning info, etc etc etc. AND DAMN IT I CANT FIND IT!!!! FIGUIRES!!!!

So I'm starting over from scratch! Going through all my books and everything else I can find and starting a new book. This one will be kept under lock and key!!

So for starters, does anyone have a feeding schedule handy? As in how often you feed and what age do you increase time. And how much they should be eating if bottle fed or how long they should nurse. Right now my pups are 12 days old and I'm feeding every 2 1/2 hrs. They nurse on Mom, who still doesnt have a ton of milk but a decent amount, and they nurse from anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes and are still hungry. So I top them off with a bottle and each pup takes anywhere between 1 and 1 1/2 ounces of milk at a time. When do I increase to three hour feedings and so on?

Also room temperature contol. They were kept in an 80 degree room for the first five to seven days. Then I dropped it 2 degrees and now they seem to be most comfortable at about 76 77 degrees. I know their core body temperature at this age should be between 95-99 degrees but when is it safe to drop the rooms temp again?

I had all this and more in my book....UGH! I cant believe I cant find that!!!! Any help is greatly appreciated! And maybe we could pin this thread Teresa, for future quick reference if we get good information?? Thanks a million for any help on this!!!

Tina W.
Jadem Mastiffs


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Pinning it sounds like a great idea!

I am DREADING the day I have to bottle feed. All of mine have had lots of milk. I fed every two hours for a week. I really let the puppies decide after that. At about a week, if they'll sleep a bit extra I move up to three hours and then four as they eat enough to stay asleep. You've done exactly as I did on room temp. Mine were fine under heat lamp and on a heating pad for about a week. After that, they were screaming bloody murder if it got too warm. I just regulated the room temperature based on where they slept peacefully. After two week, I think they are completely temp regulated (within reason). I ended up having to have a small fan with my litters because they were very heat intolerant! They liked it about 72. By three weeks, I started really runny gruel. At four weeks, added in water bowls (which were just as messy as the gruel) and made the gruel less runny (more smushy) and by 5 weeks, began bits of dog food (watching closely that they didn't choke). Pretty much by 6 weeks, the little monsters were doing great. They got great at escaping from the xpen and following mommy out the doggie door, so by 8 weeks, they had learned to run in and out of dog door and were doing great.

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