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Originally Posted by Lance
More gibberish from an uneducated imbecile!

The fact is, what happened to you is all from karma.  You would have done nothing if they didn't speak up.  Then you want people to feel sorry for you.

You are showing your true nature for the world to see.  Why would anyone want to trust you?  You say the accusations made hurt you.  The people that posted them didn't hurt you, you did, they just gave you the venue to do it.

You also like to threaten people with legal action but never back it up.

You get confused by a light switch; it does one thing too many.

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I'm assuming MULTIPLE TIMES IN YOUR LIFE , You've been called a true idiot and complete and utter fool!!!!

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Nope.  Just as I thought and you proved it yet again, you are a liar.  You have no knowledge of the legal system.  Spelling and grammar is nonexistent in everything you post.  You make as much sense as a blind man going to a silent movie.

Where is that subpoena that you were talking about?

As for you assuming, you are just the first three letter when you ASSume.

So nice that you follow your Christian beliefs.  You can fool yourself, you can't fool your God though!  Where you'll be going, enjoy the heat.

3) You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
8) You shall not steal.
9) You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Strike 1...Strike 2...Strike 3 and you're out.

You just continue to show your true colors, and it isn't pretty or a rainbow.


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1. You are not God
2. You do not know me nor will you ever!
3. I am posting my proven you don't like it because you're obviously like the rest A hater.
4. Don't worry about my business anymore and keep my name out of your mouth. You do not know what you're talking about nor have you ever. You don't insult people and then "the Bible"
5. Your true colors are really showing ,because you won't leave me alone. I have put my proof you don't like it bottom-line !
You continue to insult me it ,doesn't bother me because I'm not you ,I'm not unhappy !
I'm not miserable and I'm not bored with my life ,but I have to continue to harass a person who has proved yourself time and time again!
I'll speak however alike it's a free country!
Wud up, u have NO LIFE?
7. people who make me love me because they know the real me!
8. People who are truly in touch with the inner spirit of the Lord don't judge others like you have me so you'll be the one burning in the fiery pits with your brother his name is Satan!
9.Y ou have not shown one time that you're a caring kind individual -those of the type of people that are children of the Lord!
10. Grow up get a woman get a life find out who God really is. Maybe plastic surgery might make you feel better !
Now I am done with your sorry nasty disgusting self!
You don't need to be worried about any of my business and if you continue ,I'm a make yours mine!
Get a life. And read the Bible of God and not Satan, or just go join Isis CUZZZ THATS WHO SOUND LIKE!
I am tired and I will defend myself and I don't care what you think because you'll never have a pure heart yours is filthy dirty disgusting and look what you hang with, that shows a lot. I have put up with harassment / defamation of character,for three years it continues on every day and I have identity theft because of your so-called want to be forum!
Have a right to defend myself and post proof I don't give a rats rear-ended what you think. Quit asking me questions quit talking to me I'm done with this harassment from you. You got it?
And don't worry ,please don't worry!
I have nothing to lie about as I have all my proof and it has been shown 1 million times!
I don't care anymore what your loser life has in store. I'm not going to pray for you because you're refusing it ,so I'll take your blessings thank you!

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1) You're no saint
2) I would say do you promise, but your word means nothing
3) Posting your proven?  That makes no sense at all and you have used it multiple times
4) I'm not worried about your business, never have, never will.  You insult the bible.
5) Feel free to leave at anytime
6) This is a private site and the admins can censor or remove anything that they want.  They could even remove your account and face no legal recourse over it.  The free country you are talking about or more specifically the constitution grants you rights that the government cannot take away.  They can infringe them which would give you legal recourse.  That is not the case when it comes to things that are private.  Learn the law and know what you're talking about.
7) People who make you?  Who is that Dr. Frankenstein?
8) You judge people all of the time.  I'm good friend with Lucifer, so don't worry about it.  I'll put a bad word in for you though.
9) Sure I have, just not in this thread as I have no respect for you; never will either.
10) Woman..I have that.  I know who God really is; my God is not the same as your God.  Rather sad that I know more about your God than you do.  I know what you make you a better person; drink some Kool-Aid...Oh Yeah

Ever think that what you're experiencing is called karma?

Your proof has been shown a million times?  That is an amazing feat as it would be top ranked by Google if that were truly the case.  On this site alone you have only posted 50 times; some of those were your "friend" named "Jessica" using your account.

All that praying and yet you still have issues.  Apparently someone is not listening to what you're saying.  Maybe that is because they can't understand a word of it.  When you speak it is as unintelligible as the teacher in Charlie Brown. 

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I don't have issues
. I recieve a ton of blessings. Thank you for you cartoon intellect. And all your evil. My GOD is very different from yours. Even though people are jealous, I'm still standing. Still being blessed still doing awesome. Thank you for all your concerns. I've learned the hard way to not trust people, -your right.
But again you do not know me and you should do that before you decide to insult me.
This chat is full of nonsense and I love how things get removed at your convience. But when you can go out of your way to hurt someone , I'm finished.
We will continue to offer all the documents we have and restraining orders ( granted )
Like Karen said.

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